Are You A Real Football Fan?

The world-renowned football players have a high degree of grit, determination and passion. Whether you are watching your favourite team’s match or playing on the ground, passion is the first thing you need. At Brisbane City Football, we emphasise on gathering all true fans who love this sport and want to make their career in it. We have made it easier by organising local matches, coaching sessions and offering top-class club facilities to our members. You can join our club and reap unlimited benefits under one roof. You will have all the football facilities you need and can ask our staff for any kind of help. We help train the best talent and hone your football skills. You can practice at any time and learn new tactics and train for higher levels in football as well. If football is your passion, our team will help make it come true. Our trainers will work with you to make you become one of the most skilled footballers and show you all the new tactics and methods of playing football. Our experts understand the skills of individuals and then use the particular skills in different situations of games. They also make sure that players have in the process. The coaches also pay attention to the technical topics such as one vs one, running with the ball and striking it, heading it, and other such things.


Brisbane City Football is a privately-owned club situated in the capital of Queensland. The club is owned by wealthy businessmen who are also passionate football fans. They love this sport and want to support all the football lovers across the city. This clubhouse is a perfect place to meet like-minded people, enjoy great in-house facilities, learn the techniques of this game, and take professional coaching and much more. There is also membership plans for everyone, from a kid to an experienced player. You can join this clubhouse and discover the love for football. To know more about this clubhouse, look at the following features:

  • We owned this club back in 2012 to support all football lovers across Brisbane.

  • Learn and explore the basic as well as advanced tricks of this support.

  • Highly-trained coaches

  • Fully-featured clubhouse for our members

  • Play practice and local matches

  • Watch football matches in our club

  • Meet Like-Minded People

If you want to spend a fun day with your family, you can come to this club and enjoy football, play other fun games and learn more about sports. This will also help your kids understand the need and importance of playing sports. We are here to maintain the decorum of the club house and boost your skills and help you fulfil your goal of becoming a football player. To hone your talents and skills further, you can join our clubhouse in Brisbane, Queensland and work with the best professionals. We can help young kids train for city and country level championships. To know more about the same, you can contact us on the phone.

At Brisbane City Football, we take immense pride in offering a range of services to our club members and aspiring footballers. We provide necessary knowledge and skills in shaping your character as a player. You can come and join us to share your football-related experience. Being enthusiastic fans, we ensure that our coaches maintain the reputation of our club by providing apt support to young footballers, juniors and passionate individuals. You can come, learn techniques and build good attitudes and a base of knowledge to play a professional football player in Brisbane.

We have a long and well-renowned tradition of achieving desired goals. Our objective is to develop talented football players in Brisbane and prepare them to make a great career by following their passion and love for the sport.

Though we have a privately-owned club, our co-owners want everyone in our community to support the love for this sport and play for their respective cities and regions. We currently have more than 150 members in Brisbane, Queensland. Our goal is to increase our members and encourage more and more youngsters to be a part of our club. To keep them engaged,

  • We offer fun and interactive learning sessions.

  • Skills development practical classes

  • Tickets for live Football matches

  • Customised t-shirts and shoes

  • Dinner parties, and much more.

If you are a football fan and want to develop your career in this sport, feel free to join our club and show your love and support.

Our Premium Club Facilities

You can also enjoy a good time at our Brisbane City Football Clubhouse where the food and company will keep you entertained. We have a fully-equipped kitchen, a spacious canteen with delicious and tasty meals, air-conditioned rooms where you can cool down after playing on our vast field. Our club also has a barbeque area which is fully-equipped with barbeque grills, and wood fired ovens so that you can have your favourite pizzas and steaks. This will help you talk to the other members and discuss your football goals and issues so that you can better your game and learn more about its nuances.

At our club, you will have access to a huge capacity Grandstand, corporate boxes, our gym center, changing room and rest rooms. You can also avail of our amenities like the clubhouse, a theatre room, pavilions, driving range, Member’s Lounge and much more. All our machines are advanced and completely safe as they are maintained by a reputed maintenance company and the handling / moving is done by professional Removalists Brisbane who give no damage Guarantee and thus ensure maximum safety for all the equipment.

We have a number of outdoor pitches used for practice matches, training and inter-squad games. Normally the main pitch remains the same because we believe that Football should be played with the same passion and dedication. Our club members will also get a chance to meet their favourite players and learn the sport professionally in our fully-featured clubhouse. You can learn from professionals at our club and hone your football skills to take you to the next level. You can pick whatever position you want and we will help you learn all the nuances of that position and excel in it. If you are looking for a place where you can develop your football skills and at the same time can have some fun, then Brisbane City Football Clubhouse is the place for you and your friends. The ambience and facilities of our club will give you a never-like-before experience. Hundreds of kids, teenagers and adults from every corner of the city have become our members.

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